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Stiletto’s SISTER’S and Stripper’s

Published November 12, 2013 by tressalee
Tips for Lovers

Tips for Lovers

I’m creating a new film for women who used to are still or who are thinking about getting into the BIZ of STRIPPING…my first thoughts are DON’T, my second thoughts are be careful and listen to what I say…

First…Keep it BUSINESS… it’s never personal, although you must be a great actress and pretend it’s personal for the customer’s sake… I mean for your wallet or purse sakes.

Then NEVER and I MEAN NEVER DO DRUGS…save your the three F’S…your beautiful Figure,  Face and Finances…

I’m now fifty one danced for twemty some odd years and still rock this bod,y brain and no BOOZE…take your supplements and get lots of beauty sleep. The men will take a lot of your energy, so you must replenish, plus have time to spend with your wonderful amazing children (if any) and or family.

Keep balanced GRASSHOPPA and exercise, meditate and be grateful

Keep eating well and DANCE LOVE


please give to my FILM im making for women of the clubs



THE LOVE PROJECT…Tips for couples

Published November 19, 2012 by tressalee

Tips for Lovers

Yeah, Tips for this and that do they work?

Well, the toothpaste thingy for patching holes in your walls does work, I’ve tried it…it’s cheap and no mess!

The book “The Love Project” is  also cheap with minimal mess… and it also works. It’s so funny, I wrote a true account of a strippers life and my editor said “Hold on, this is too raunchy and true your first book should come in like a lamb” so she toned it down and took out the dirty-nasty parts and created what we now have as  our little somewhat stringent “Tip book” from a strippers point of view…Hmmm? is that possible? Yes, and now I am in the middle…I am no longer categorized in the “Fifty Shades of Grey porn category and too hard-sexy for the Bible belt arena, where I am writing this from now…

Where does a Semi-Christian-Liberal thinking retired Stripper take her book from here?…what a mess, I feel like I’m on the Isle of Mis-fit toys. I am having a book signing in Columbus Mississippi, Saturday December 8th. I know you will stomping down the doors. The local Fox Rock radio station will be broadcasting and interviewing us from Fantasyland (an adult venue, SEX-SHOP). Gotta start somewhere, even tho the book is not about Kinky Karma-Sutra positions it is a couples Love Story to help lovers understand each other and have a better quality relationship…Did I turn you off? Well, its up to you to turn on your partner, I jut give hints and practical applications, a guide for lost lovers…

Where do the lost get this book? If your in Northern Mississippi in a few Saturdays from now you can meet me (the author) and my man (the guinea pig) who will be scantily clad, teaching and promoting on the “How too’s” of coupling without homicidal acts…I didn’t say thoughts. I cannot guarantee this won’t happen. Just hope to renew and reignite passion and love for all who seek.

To Order your Love Project Tip Book   https://www.createspace.com/3878572

With Love Tressa


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