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THE LOVE PROJECT…Tips for couples

Published November 19, 2012 by tressalee

Tips for Lovers

Yeah, Tips for this and that do they work?

Well, the toothpaste thingy for patching holes in your walls does work, I’ve tried it…it’s cheap and no mess!

The book “The Love Project” is  also cheap with minimal mess… and it also works. It’s so funny, I wrote a true account of a strippers life and my editor said “Hold on, this is too raunchy and true your first book should come in like a lamb” so she toned it down and took out the dirty-nasty parts and created what we now have as  our little somewhat stringent “Tip book” from a strippers point of view…Hmmm? is that possible? Yes, and now I am in the middle…I am no longer categorized in the “Fifty Shades of Grey porn category and too hard-sexy for the Bible belt arena, where I am writing this from now…

Where does a Semi-Christian-Liberal thinking retired Stripper take her book from here?…what a mess, I feel like I’m on the Isle of Mis-fit toys. I am having a book signing in Columbus Mississippi, Saturday December 8th. I know you will stomping down the doors. The local Fox Rock radio station will be broadcasting and interviewing us from Fantasyland (an adult venue, SEX-SHOP). Gotta start somewhere, even tho the book is not about Kinky Karma-Sutra positions it is a couples Love Story to help lovers understand each other and have a better quality relationship…Did I turn you off? Well, its up to you to turn on your partner, I jut give hints and practical applications, a guide for lost lovers…

Where do the lost get this book? If your in Northern Mississippi in a few Saturdays from now you can meet me (the author) and my man (the guinea pig) who will be scantily clad, teaching and promoting on the “How too’s” of coupling without homicidal acts…I didn’t say thoughts. I cannot guarantee this won’t happen. Just hope to renew and reignite passion and love for all who seek.

To Order your Love Project Tip Book

With Love Tressa




Published October 15, 2012 by tressalee

Make it FUN tonite!

Hey Guys and Dolls…what does your relationship need? Well, Stripper’s know all of the tricks and tactics of the trade, take some advice and have some fun too!

Put on show, yes Love can be a show, guys love it and you will like it too. Play dress up, it’s fun to pretend like your someone else. Maybe he needs to be someone else for a while, instead of that creep who always comes home wanting some food, that you never make. Order a pizza and get to the bedroom with a bottle of vino. Life is tough, take a break!
With Love from the pole…Tressalee

SEXY GAMES…The Love Project

Published August 31, 2012 by tressalee

SEXY GAMES, always fun!

You need them and your man wants them…everyone loves to play games even tho they say “I don’t play games”!

well, party pooper to you too, what fun are you having then if you don’t play games? …Uh,  that would be none.

In my book “The Love Project” we turn to chapter 7 where the Love and Sex games are not so hidden treasures.

You can make up your own as you go or go to Google and ask where or what sex games are fun?

Take a theme from a movie you and your man like and dress up like his favorite actress or actor whatever games you are playing… (role reversal) ??. I usually suggest something physical, physical as I start singing my rendition of the Olivia Newton John song. hey you can dress up like and eighties workout sex-kitten, this always gets the pumpin’ maybe from laughter, but its a start. Where there are fun and laughter, there is LOVE!

Okay last suggestion: The old TWISTER and Baby oil game…he will flip or slip when he sees this laying in the middle of the room.
Dont be scared to try new stuff, take your calcium so you don’t break anything 😉

and have fun!


pick up the Love Project




Published August 18, 2012 by tressalee

A book of Love tips straight from a Stripper’s experience to your lap or his…read it and have fun with your new relationship…It will kick it up more than one notch!

To order, you doll face …here is the link

Many kisses to you!




Published July 13, 2012 by tressalee

…and yes, he is wearing guy-liner what was I thinking?? It was for a joke but he liked it

Yes, I’m feeling jipped…that’s the word. I do marketing and I am the creative director and food fixer for my boss whom I am sleeping with. Don’t worry I am not a man snatcher or the other woman (I hope). He is my boyfriend of course a woman always wonders in the back of her little story making mind “AM I THE ONLY WOMAN”?and how long do I have till he takes off running down the road after a new poodle.

Why do we give a shit, when they don’t? They are always checkin out the new models. I don’t mean cars and we are supposed to just sit there and take that behavior because “Someone told us thats how guys are” I want a revolution, I didnt get a vote in this. Anyway, I am eager to please like most gals in love and it’s never enough. You can cook clean work stand on your head do the shimmie shimmie co-co bop and he asks you to move out of his way. Then the ugly neighbor girl walks by and he cannot stop watching her. Now you’ve seen that bitch up-close and personal at the mail box and you are way hotter but he’s still scoping out the new territory HOW RUDE!… This story you know all too well.

I was looking at YouTube like everyone one who is chained to their computer chair and needs a 5 minute vacation does, and I ran across a woman who was talking about orgasms. Now theres a topic worth looking into I thought. I actually had my first one in a week last night wow…this is not a capital wow. It was nice but seemed like the fireworks have gone dim or maybe they are really duds. (Geeze I hope he doesn’t secretly read my blogs, I don’t think so).

Back to the topic of orgasm. This woman in her fifties was talking about scientific studies (which I hate cuz they make up their own damn numbers and polls for their agenda) she said that orgasms do not help the relationship stay strong, in fact nothing can at a certain point, you can wear the sexiest hottest clothes high heels give him blow-jobs every morning and he still ends up bored of you and on to the next chick, thats what the bitch said (I aint buyg that book by the way). Now I’m frickin’ depressed at this point, I thought it was gonna be a fun topic, not a shoot yourself in the wiener topic. Heres the deal,  she says…men like you until they get the goods then they off to fertilize the neighbors lawn or Brazilian wax, whatever you wanna call it. Bummer, okay so I called my daughter (28) and sort of give her the news of this “New” information which is not very new, but this woman wrote a book and needs to sell it. I ask my daughter, not for an answer, but hypothetically “Why if men, are hopping from woman to woman or to whatever, why did GOD make us so emotional  (okay insane) and needy for a man’s love? Now this doesn’t make sense, if it is a cause and effect world with scientific studies that this is the way it is…WE GOT JIPPED!

I love LOVE and then I hate love. At first OMG it’s the best thing, drink, drug that you have ever tasted and you would never consider thinking anything bad of this man who has swept you off your rocker “Betty Crocker” and thats what happened to me…Now I have evil thoughts and he is a freakin meanie. When I thought he could never do any wrong and I worshiped, yes, his shneedle, thats German for his veiner-shnitsztel. I am sick in the head, thats what I have come to the conclusion, I am delusional and need a labotomy. I want to be a left brained guy thinking chick with a big…bank account, cuz I hate emotional pain and heartache. So how do I do that??? I think okay I will just think of myself, only my sexy body (right) my hair, face and nails , clothes, money shit like that. Well that was the first hour now what? I don’t have time to thin k of me, I have to make him dinner and get pretty by the time he comes home so he doesnt go next door to help wax the neighbors lawn… I mean …you know what I mean.

Face it gals we got robbed. We must have been very bad in our last life time and our punishment was to be in a womans body and mind. WE MUST HAVE BEEN A GUY…Oh shit the cycle continues.

Okay penance served what will be next??



Are you serious?

Published June 7, 2012 by tressalee

Well stop it!

How are you gonna live laugh and love if your stuck on serious mode all the time? This is not healthy for a human being. How about add a little LIFE to your life? Did you know that adding an element of fun to your projects make them more successful? Yes, it’s true. People can feel the energy in whatever you create.

I have been writing blogs for a few years I know people get sick of reading the same old massaging of ones ego (I sure do). There are some blogs that are sent to my email and I think “enough of you already”. People are saying the same thing about mine probably. I would like to bring something to the blog table that one doesnt mind taking a bite of, savoring it and even sharing. I am a co-dependent idiot so I am always looking for a way to help someone. Thats not a nice way to put it but thats the reality of my crap. I do have a heart for humanity, some would say “your a control freak” probably that too. I am guilty of all of it!

Why because I love life and I want others to have a good time too. Then I look at myself and think, am I having a good time or just makin it up?? Okay since I’m a writer that means I’m a dreamer …Yep, makin it up!!

But still people, the seriousness of life sucks, do we have to always be so damn serious?

I remember when I was little there was always a crisis in our house. It seemed there wasn’t a time of just having a normal run of a few days without your adrenal glands being squeezed till they were dry. I really had to and still have to work on saying to myself everything is OKAY they didn’t drop a nuclear bomb today! The learned behavior of expecting discord or waiting for the bombs to drop is a wearying state of mind body and spirit. No fun allowed in our house unless there was drinking involved and that only lasted a moment then all hell would break loose. So learning a new way to live and expect life to just run at a normal frequency is quite a task for those of us who’s recorders were stuck on “ON” while taping abuse, neglect, alcoholic rants, tragedy’s you get the pretty picture.

I’m sick of being serious all of the time, can we save it till we have to be in the serious mode? Or is there no reprieve? I thought life was for experiencing joy, love, fun, happiness and stuff like that…Oh no it’s not damn it, you must be in a state of hell at all times. Since I was a child, it seemed someone was getting pissed if I was too happy. So I learned how to put a lid on it and went into a deep depression they say repressed anger causes depression, well I say repressed happiness causes depression ;).

I fought for my right to smile and goof off and when it would offend people I put on my downer face until it started becoming my normal face UhO!. Happiness  doesn’t come without guilt in a fucked up family unit or maybe its the world, of course because we should be in pain, I learned this via my fun family rules. I think the real name for it is mental illness. I understand some people are given a cross of pain with tragedy that does not let up. When you have a chronically sick child or two, life is relentless and the pain is unbearable. Life is painful! it is a given but do we have to add unnecessary negative vibrations and always be on the brink of tears? I say NO fight against these joy robbers and life stealer’s take back your fun and happiness, smile in the midst of the pain, and darkness…careful nowmaybe it will change the outcome of the misery. Just try it

Have a nice fun day and dance…you may piss someone off or teach them something great!

Live Laugh Love Loudly


Trying on sexy clothes when your near 50

Published February 25, 2012 by tressalee

Disco Baller?

What the hell is going on and do I look that bad? Like a singer who cant carry a tune in a wheel-barrow on American Idol. The gal thinks she can sing but everybody else is snickering at her. This cannot be, I will so freak out. Look at Goldie Hawn, she’s always sexy her and her daughter share clothes she still wears fun stuff. Okay, she has $$ to get her face lifted and tummy tucked and she looks like she did when she was 30. I cant look that bad can I?? Tell me I’m not on American Idol making a complete ass of myself…I’m scared!

I went to try on some dresses for a Ball (BTW Who the hell goes to a Ball?… old people) So I’m thinking this dress has to be perfect. I had never gone to such a swaray before, ya know haughty taughty club (which I’m not scared) but I don’t want to completely look like a fool, whatever! I’m more the disco ball queen or even a pub and grub princess.

Yesterday Im at the mall picking out my potential gowns or “little black dresses” if you will. I popped my head out of the dressing room, yelling “Help, could someone zip and critique me in this dress”? Well I did that for twenty minutes or so and then a southern white woman said she would help, (she scared me) reluctantly she zipped me up and then gave me the upper lip and shook her head “Thats not working for you” she said. I thought it was a hot little number, blue sequened cut just to there. Very Disco Bally fun, okay maybe not for a stiff charity Ball, but I live life in the fun lane and tough if it offends people as long as it looks cool. But I must say her look and her critique was painful and I had second thoughts about my whole being. One nasty look can f*ck you up for the whole day.

I am turning fifty this year and can’t believe it myself.  I am fighting it tooth and high heels…(which I’m never giving up by the way you can’t make me)! Your ass falls down when you give those up, F*ck that!

I almost didn’t buy that dress and went to the old lady section where I reluctantly tried on frumpy frocks and almost killed myself…I cannot go there ever, please God don’t make me. So I went back to the juniors and got that blue sparkley number, that the bitch was probably jealous (I’m hoping) maybe she was telling the truth. What if it’s true and I am lying to myself and I get to the ball and people stare and I will feel like I’m in a naked school girl dream, remember those when you were little? It could happen for real. Like those women who look great from the back then they turn around and you’re like whoa grandma stop dying your hair its false advertisement. See just for saying shit like that it could be me and probably is. I am that singer on Amercan Idol, singing way out of tune and thinking I’m Sarah Brightman.

I will keep you informed, the Ball is tonight, do wear the blue or the frumpy grandma dress? Ha ha maybe I’ll drink wine first and nothing will matter by then…hehe

LIVE LAUGH LOVE LOUDLY…even if you make a dern fool of yourself have fun!

Wear the grandma dress?

didnt mention the red one


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