Traditional women, where are we?

Published May 21, 2016 by tressalee

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Being a tradional woman in the LAND OF LIBERAL  “I can open my own doors and work a man’s job” women, What woman in their right mind wants to? I myself like to sleep in, cook yes and clean a house that my man works hard for. IT’S CALLED TRADITIONAL ISM and it’s a sin if women want to raise their kids stay at home and love their husband according to the fabulous liberalism…

This is not acceptable or “Normal behaviour” these good new days. Well I totally disagree! Let’s look at a momless home…kids on their tablets watching porn, and that’s when they are only 6 maybe younger. You tube is certainly not healthy for these babes, I heard my granddaughter who’s 5 singing a dirty rap song “eat the bootie like groceries” thats what the lyrics were, wtf? and she sang it like a verse from ring around the Rosie’s. A song she SHOULD be singing. OK, her mom (my daughter) is a single parent working so many hours to keep lights on etc. Husband in and out, mostly out, that means no supervision. SCARY…

This NEW LIBERAL THINKING SOCIETY, where women are encouraged to be without men to be STRONG alone, is INSANITY. The men get off the hook smoke dope play with the boys (they sre grown men) and leave their children and women…oh don’t even have to get married in fact MARRIAGE is only encouraged and celebrated between the SAME SEXES now. What’s wrong with this picture or ERA? EVERYTHING!!

….Life worked when daddy worked and mommies worked at home taught their children about right and wrong saw all they were getting into, prayed with them and yes, Even spanked their little asses…big sigh!  People loved each other GOD community and had INTEGRITY believed in truths and family. Now we have drugs degraded music, movies that should be x rated but the kids can recite the dirty filthy parts verbatim …trust me I know I worked in the vile land of adult entertainment for years, but never succumbed to the gutter way of living or thinking. I fought the good fight of keeping God and family first and writing down my thoughts and what I think are the injustices of our NEW UNTRADITIONAL WAY OF LIFE…YUK!

The social engineering of the planet is ruining what God had planned…oh you don’t believe in God yes, that’s exactly what the plan is and the crowd follows whatever Facebook twitter says…Take back your family your children don’t let em have a phone. We didn’t have one we had rules and parents amazing concepts but I don’t indulge in heroine cocaine or the new drugs the so called DOCTOR gives out like a drug dealer….uhg. I learned life was sacred our children our sacred…we must save them….



I stop for now my thoughts today



Drop a line …live laugh live




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