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My Daughter Says she Wants to be a Whore?

Published October 15, 2013 by tressalee
relationship issues

relationship issues

Now the title is startling but let me tell you the story behind it…

My daughter is a wonderful mother, daughter and wife,  she would never think of cheating on her boyfriend or doing something that is terribly wrong…UNTIL NOW….

Her background that put her into this mode …  frustrated, overworked mommie, not validated, neglected emotionally, freaky friday boyfriend, likes donkeys that kinda stuff (exaggerated maybe just a  little)?? get the picture, oh did I say sociopath? well, thats enough said about that nice fella.

WE need to talk about women who give themselves totally to men that are abusers, sex addicts, drug addicts, control freaks, sociopaths etc.

Okay there is something wrong in Denmark with these gals,  YES! but a lot of us do it and continue to do it WHY?

because we hate ourselves…it’s the lack of Daddy love  and template as we have come to understand…after many years of therapy and much drinking and puking our guts out…we purge the self hate  with alcohol and drugs only to get right back up on the self hate pony and ride…

Today my daughter tells me she’s at the grocery and see’s a handsome fella, who she is trying to get his attention to see if she’s, ya know? still got it (she’s 29 and freakin gorgeous by the way) she has it…

She said he never looked at her not once, I think she may have done a cartwheel and yet he still didn’t blink and eye toward her. So she goes on to tell me, uhhh she must have lost her pizzaz and sexiness, I doubt that. I said maybe his mother is sick and he’s in deep thought, giving her the best excuse besides,  maybe  he’s blind or he’s a deadman walking, is all I could think…but she goes on to tell me…She now feels like being a whore. I said “what?  my good little Capricorn who’s grounded in gardening  and working, praying, and watching  Joel  Osteen twice a week, wants a be a whore? Okay I said it happens at a certain age, especially when the man who fathered your children abuses, ignores screams and does other mangie rotton things to you and doesn’t look twice at you in fact too busy cuz he’s staring at other poodles down the street, by the way?  hopefully will get him murdered (just a hope).

So her new job she is applying for is “Whore”. I said well if you charge, it can pay very well and Dr. Laura (certified relationship therapist) said it was better than giving it away. to a man who doesn’t want to marry you or be nice …I go with Dr. laura.

Then she (my daughter) continues to tell me…now this is sooo funny,  and the reason why I’m telling you this story…her girlfriend at work said to her after she told her “I’m thinking about becoming a whore” (she’s running it by everyone to get their input)…the gal says “if my husband wasn’t good to me I would sleep with everybody, CUZ I”M A WHORE” she said this with grace, dignity and  confidence…I just thought fuck yeah and laughed my ass off…,why not the guys are whores and they’re confident…I know this will pass about her being a whore  and stuff but maybe everyone should try it just in case they think they’re missing something and maybe she’ll meet the man of her dreams this way…ya never know?

Maybe thy are hiring old Whores,  I may apply too…

Just for laughs girls don’t take this shit for real…we’ve all been there if not,  you have read 50 shades of grey and lived vicariously through some media whether it was soap operas or the neighborhood gossip…fess up!

Women ….ENJOY LIFE it comes once!!



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