It’s Gettin’ Cold Outside!

Published December 1, 2012 by tressalee

sexy bed_lj74rgzQk21qgx6buo1_400Keep it snugly Hott in the bedroom…

I don’t mean put an extra blanket on the bed for Pete’s sake, put some fire in the oven

Your oven… who has time for that crap? You better!

Your better half is worth it, he’s working his little tail off and so are you I know…because I’m right there with ya sista. I am usually pooped out by hmmm? what’s  it 7 now is that am or pm? doesn’t matter still frazzled. Remember the days of staying up til twelve o’clock? Wow! all gone.  So better get the sexy time in before you hit the ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZz’s.

It only takes a few minutes and be mindful about it. Like, oh yeah take a shower before crawling into bed and when you crawl into bed make sure your in the nude. If you really have time (haha funny) put on the cute sexy wear and some sweet sauce… but remember he likes you any way…especially neked!

That’s my tip for us gal who are to pooped to participate…shopping, cooking, working, kids, animals (men included) take a lot out of a woman. Funny, men think they work hard shhh don’t tell ’em, we just make it look easy. We were built this way, sexy strong and sooo cute 😉 STAY WARM.

Happy shopping and SLEEPING 😉

(dont forget the neked)



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