Sluggish relationship?

Published November 29, 2012 by tressalee

Sometimes it’s not the relationship, ITS YOU!

That means check into your health. This time of year you can be eating lots of crap and drinking too much happy stuff, that can slow down your metabolism. If you are not exercising that means eeew, your putting on weight, feeling cranky and who the hell wants to be around you? NOT EVEN YOU! It can even be worse, you find out YOUR SICK!

Well this has been me, that’s why I’m sharing. The best shared knowledge, comes from experience.

I would wake and go back to bed. Till hunnie one evening said, “You have a fever” I thought yeah I feel bad and have for two weeks…What the heck? Sometimes you just run til your on empty. Come to find out I had a kidney infection, well my back did hurt but I thought I pulled a muscle.

Why am I sharing this with you? When our bodies are sick we get cranky and we cannot seem to find happiness and depression sets in and we cant figure out why? Well, first and always first when you feel cranky, look into your health. Of course period health can cause random acts of violence and homicide these are major signs your out of balance but before someone has to call the police…get a checkup, a urine analysis  blood work, or have your hunnie kiss your neck and see if your HOTT…we know your hott but see if your body temp is up.

So I looked up how to heal the kidney naturally and started on the garlic and cutting back on sugar and coffee and BOOZE all of my favs specially this time of year. Ginseng tea and lots of lemon water, now I feel better and can even stay up in the morning. I really thought I was just depressed. Yesterday I didn’t have a fever, I went out and could even smile and walk more than 15 steps without thinking of my bed. I was wearing such a frown and that causes the dreaded wrinkles, plus you scare little children this way. Get to the doc first and see whats ailing you, illness, hormones, husbands an idiot (oh that’s not a disease) look at the obvious your not depressed your sick…heal and be happy!

Get that thirty minute run in too what a brain lifter! When you feel better of course.

Live Love Laugh Loudly



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