SEXY GAMES…The Love Project

Published August 31, 2012 by tressalee

SEXY GAMES, always fun!

You need them and your man wants them…everyone loves to play games even tho they say “I don’t play games”!

well, party pooper to you too, what fun are you having then if you don’t play games? …Uh,  that would be none.

In my book “The Love Project” we turn to chapter 7 where the Love and Sex games are not so hidden treasures.

You can make up your own as you go or go to Google and ask where or what sex games are fun?

Take a theme from a movie you and your man like and dress up like his favorite actress or actor whatever games you are playing… (role reversal) ??. I usually suggest something physical, physical as I start singing my rendition of the Olivia Newton John song. hey you can dress up like and eighties workout sex-kitten, this always gets the pumpin’ maybe from laughter, but its a start. Where there are fun and laughter, there is LOVE!

Okay last suggestion: The old TWISTER and Baby oil game…he will flip or slip when he sees this laying in the middle of the room.
Dont be scared to try new stuff, take your calcium so you don’t break anything 😉

and have fun!


pick up the Love Project




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