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Published July 13, 2012 by tressalee

…and yes, he is wearing guy-liner what was I thinking?? It was for a joke but he liked it

Yes, I’m feeling jipped…that’s the word. I do marketing and I am the creative director and food fixer for my boss whom I am sleeping with. Don’t worry I am not a man snatcher or the other woman (I hope). He is my boyfriend of course a woman always wonders in the back of her little story making mind “AM I THE ONLY WOMAN”?and how long do I have till he takes off running down the road after a new poodle.

Why do we give a shit, when they don’t? They are always checkin out the new models. I don’t mean cars and we are supposed to just sit there and take that behavior because “Someone told us thats how guys are” I want a revolution, I didnt get a vote in this. Anyway, I am eager to please like most gals in love and it’s never enough. You can cook clean work stand on your head do the shimmie shimmie co-co bop and he asks you to move out of his way. Then the ugly neighbor girl walks by and he cannot stop watching her. Now you’ve seen that bitch up-close and personal at the mail box and you are way hotter but he’s still scoping out the new territory HOW RUDE!… This story you know all too well.

I was looking at YouTube like everyone one who is chained to their computer chair and needs a 5 minute vacation does, and I ran across a woman who was talking about orgasms. Now theres a topic worth looking into I thought. I actually had my first one in a week last night wow…this is not a capital wow. It was nice but seemed like the fireworks have gone dim or maybe they are really duds. (Geeze I hope he doesn’t secretly read my blogs, I don’t think so).

Back to the topic of orgasm. This woman in her fifties was talking about scientific studies (which I hate cuz they make up their own damn numbers and polls for their agenda) she said that orgasms do not help the relationship stay strong, in fact nothing can at a certain point, you can wear the sexiest hottest clothes high heels give him blow-jobs every morning and he still ends up bored of you and on to the next chick, thats what the bitch said (I aint buyg that book by the way). Now I’m frickin’ depressed at this point, I thought it was gonna be a fun topic, not a shoot yourself in the wiener topic. Heres the deal,¬† she says…men like you until they get the goods then they off to fertilize the neighbors lawn or Brazilian wax, whatever you wanna call it. Bummer, okay so I called my daughter (28) and sort of give her the news of this “New” information which is not very new, but this woman wrote a book and needs to sell it. I ask my daughter, not for an answer, but hypothetically “Why if men, are hopping from woman to woman or to whatever, why did GOD make us so emotional¬† (okay insane) and needy for a man’s love? Now this doesn’t make sense, if it is a cause and effect world with scientific studies that this is the way it is…WE GOT JIPPED!

I love LOVE and then I hate love. At first OMG it’s the best thing, drink, drug that you have ever tasted and you would never consider thinking anything bad of this man who has swept you off your rocker “Betty Crocker” and thats what happened to me…Now I have evil thoughts and he is a freakin meanie. When I thought he could never do any wrong and I worshiped, yes, his shneedle, thats German for his veiner-shnitsztel. I am sick in the head, thats what I have come to the conclusion, I am delusional and need a labotomy. I want to be a left brained guy thinking chick with a big…bank account, cuz I hate emotional pain and heartache. So how do I do that??? I think okay I will just think of myself, only my sexy body (right) my hair, face and nails , clothes, money shit like that. Well that was the first hour now what? I don’t have time to thin k of me, I have to make him dinner and get pretty by the time he comes home so he doesnt go next door to help wax the neighbors lawn… I mean …you know what I mean.

Face it gals we got robbed. We must have been very bad in our last life time and our punishment was to be in a womans body and mind. WE MUST HAVE BEEN A GUY…Oh shit the cycle continues.

Okay penance served what will be next??



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