Mother Mary appears to children…

Published June 11, 2012 by tressalee

My mother was a devout Catholic, which I loved and always aspire to be, even amongst the Catholic and the Christ haters of late…It’s sad to see such hate towards pure and  good things. I know there is a lot of controversy in the church with the child molesters and the big business of religion we cannot deny. There are sinners everywhere in every churches, synagogues, Temples, and bars along 8 mile, your lookin’ at one here. Well, at least reading her thoughts, it’s the earth people it has an evil ring leader right now.

But who’s heart wouldn’t melt from these two gals, innocent and untainted view of this wonderous apparition of the Virgin Mother. I have to believe in these magical events, what is the sense of life without these mysteries of love, faith and something worth living and dying for…?

Miracles, we have all experienced some kind of miracle in our lifetime haven’t we? We just put different titles on the OZ behind the curtain pulling the drawstring. Call it, him, her, or what you like or deny the fun of believing… it’s up to each one of us…I love the magic and mystery. So for me, I choose my miracles from the Holy Mother and the rest of the saints up there or over there where ever they choose to be when called upon. They seem to rescue us from our stupid choices and pitfalls that we get caught up in…Have you ever asked St. Anthony for help when you misplaced something?…Well, if he’s not too busy helping me find my glasses he may come to your calling when you need him, Hey try it …even if your not a believer it may change your mind. You will smile when you find those keys you were cursing earlier…

Live Laugh Love Loudly



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