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Mother Mary appears to children…

Published June 11, 2012 by tressalee

My mother was a devout Catholic, which I loved and always aspire to be, even amongst the Catholic and the Christ haters of late…It’s sad to see such hate towards pure andĀ  good things. I know there is a lot of controversy in the church with the child molesters and the big business of religion we cannot deny. There are sinners everywhere in every churches, synagogues, Temples, and bars along 8 mile, your lookin’ at one here. Well, at least reading her thoughts, it’s the earth people it has an evil ring leader right now.

But who’s heart wouldn’t melt from these two gals, innocent and untainted view of this wonderous apparition of the Virgin Mother. I have to believe in these magical events, what is the sense of life without these mysteries of love, faith and something worth living and dying for…?

Miracles, we have all experienced some kind of miracle in our lifetime haven’t we? We just put different titles on the OZ behind the curtain pulling the drawstring. Call it, him, her, or what you like or deny the fun of believing… it’s up to each one of us…I love the magic and mystery. So for me, I choose my miracles from the Holy Mother and the rest of the saints up there or over there where ever they choose to be when called upon. They seem to rescue us from our stupid choices and pitfalls that we get caught up in…Have you ever asked St. Anthony for help when you misplaced something?…Well, if he’s not too busy helping me find my glasses he may come to your calling when you need him, Hey try it …even if your not a believer it may change your mind. You will smile when you find those keys you were cursing earlier…

Live Laugh Love Loudly



Are you serious?

Published June 7, 2012 by tressalee

Well stop it!

How are you gonna live laugh and love if your stuck on serious mode all the time? This is not healthy for a human being. How about add a little LIFE to your life? Did you know that adding an element of fun to your projects make them more successful? Yes, it’s true. People can feel the energy in whatever you create.

I have been writing blogs for a few years I know people get sick of reading the same old massaging of ones ego (I sure do). There are some blogs that are sent to my email and I think “enough of you already”. People are saying the same thing about mine probably. I would like to bring something to the blog table that one doesnt mind taking a bite of, savoring it and even sharing. I am a co-dependent idiot so I am always looking for a way to help someone. Thats not a nice way to put it but thats the reality of my crap. I do have a heart for humanity, some would say “your a control freak” probably that too. I am guilty of all of it!

Why because I love life and I want others to have a good time too. Then I look at myself and think, am I having a good time or just makin it up?? Okay since I’m a writer that means I’m a dreamer …Yep, makin it up!!

But still people, the seriousness of life sucks, do we have to always be so damn serious?

I remember when I was little there was always a crisis in our house. It seemed there wasn’t a time of just having a normal run of a few days without your adrenal glands being squeezed till they were dry. I really had to and still have to work on saying to myself everything is OKAY they didn’t drop a nuclear bomb today! The learned behavior of expecting discord or waiting for the bombs to drop is a wearying state of mind body and spirit. No fun allowed in our house unless there was drinking involved and that only lasted a moment then all hell would break loose. So learning a new way to live and expect life to just run at a normal frequency is quite a task for those of us who’s recorders were stuck on “ON” while taping abuse, neglect, alcoholic rants, tragedy’s you get the pretty picture.

I’m sick of being serious all of the time, can we save it till we have to be in the serious mode? Or is there no reprieve? I thought life was for experiencing joy, love, fun, happiness and stuff like that…Oh no it’s not damn it, you must be in a state of hell at all times. Since I was a child, it seemed someone was getting pissed if I was too happy. So I learned how to put a lid on it and went into a deep depression they say repressed anger causes depression, well I say repressed happiness causes depression ;).

I fought for my right to smile and goof off and when it would offend people I put on my downer face until it started becoming my normal face UhO!. HappinessĀ  doesn’t come without guilt in a fucked up family unit or maybe its the world, of course because we should be in pain, I learned this via my fun family rules. I think the real name for it is mental illness. I understand some people are given a cross of pain with tragedy that does not let up. When you have a chronically sick child or two, life is relentless and the pain is unbearable. Life is painful! it is a given but do we have to add unnecessary negative vibrations and always be on the brink of tears? I say NO fight against these joy robbers and life stealer’s take back your fun and happiness, smile in the midst of the pain, and darkness…careful nowmaybe it will change the outcome of the misery. Just try it

Have a nice fun day and dance…you may piss someone off or teach them something great!

Live Laugh Love Loudly


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