What about ME?

Published April 13, 2012 by tressalee

I just turned fifty yes... 50 so don't think I'm being narcissistic I'm showing you with good food good love and good life you can still be an awesome YOU! okay its not a close up... 😉

Being perfect, is that possible? Well hunny, you will die tryin’ I watched my sister try to give all to men that never appreciated her, including money and all the LOVE or sex they possibly want or need. To no avail. I watched her suffer at the end of her life, without a man to hold her or walk beside her while she transitioned on to the next life. My mother the same. I guess these are the choices we make in this life.

A woman must be careful in whom she gives her pearls to. Let’s see how many swine I have dated. In the beginning there was that swine from the south, he paraded around like a “Cock” alright, and he sure was just that. I had my first three children with that one. Love my babies, they really came from God and were gifted to me. They just kept lining up to give me the “bacon” and I ate it every hard piece, not really understanding that I did not have too. Women are conditioned to take it “Like a man” don’t cry, just get up and do what ever it is your told and don’t question it. Even when you feel something fucked up in your own soul. We are given little indicators, they don’t light up when things are wrong but they will poke or stab maybe slash you right in the tummy and we ignore the signs like we just ate something bad, and it will go away in a few days.

Learn to listen to THY SELF will ya…? I’m still talking to myself here. I question when I get a tummy poke is that my crazy head again? No it’s yur stomach goof ball…Listen to it! It was put there for a reason like an animal in danger, we know the signs and we choose to ignore them. Thats where the trouble starts when we don’t listen to our true selves. Heart over head although we know things in our hearts too and still ignore it. We have all kinds of stealthy radar built into our sexy systems, we must learn how to read the incoming enemy gages. “Doctor Smith Doctor Smith Warning Warning” for those of us who grew up in the late 60’s -70’s. Who ever listens to the robot or mom, dad aunt…non of us we must test out our own stealth system and learn how it works by trial, error, battle and war. Just think how young and scar-less we would be if we learned our systems early.

Gals love your selves…I am still talking to me, but don’t give up chances to live, to travel, to have fun and gain truths, live truths instead of always compromising and lying to ourselves…find out what the hech you like, love and take it!!

LIVE LOVE LAUGH LOUDLY…and go dancing in Hot Heels this weekend!


Is it the human condition or the condition of a certain gender? Trying to accommodate everyone and yourself is a tough road to hoe, especially if you are the only one with the shovel.


4 comments on “What about ME?

  • Just re-read this…. I love your positive spirit! This is my 50th year, and I just finished my yoga teacher training, starting a brand new life! (and not worrying about MEN right now!) – good luck in your own journey 🙂

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