Learning and Living it…

Published April 13, 2012 by tressalee

I love this sooo cute doesn't match my blog at all hehe


We don’t have to feel the way our brain tells us too, we have the power to change it! some people have drugs but not me, I use the old natural way a ballpeen hammer…a few hits and I’m good (I mean to myself).

I understand about chemistry in the brain and how everything can effect it in a negative or positive manner, food, people, unhappy people, if you live by a transformer, childhood issues, environment, exercise, anything else you can think of? Oh yeah anti depressants not a big fan of them…They can make life worse actually. Try chocolate, exercise or sex instead!

You hold the key to your happiness and sometimes you can’t just think yourself happy but we can start there. Thought is very important, we get addicted to bad feelings sometimes if thats all you grew up with (that was me) So we have to recondition that little brain of ours to be happy, taking into consideration all of the things mentioned above. Using all your resources and the hammer, you should get a great result.

Don’t just learn something…Live it, put it into your reality, make room for new good habits and throw out all the old crap that never worked for you thus far. Yep, you can do it…All it takes it a changing of the mind at first, to take a new route instead of the old way home from work find new things to look at including yourself get a makeover you 70’s haired chick or maybe its 80’s stiff bangs (oh wait that could be back in next week).

Food is very important, everything we put in our bodies either holds a negative or positive charge. Colorful food has good vibrations, thats why God made them the wonderful colors he did. Better check and see if pesticides were used, they will take the food to a negative vibration. Organic is the best way to go sorry you will spend extra but you will spend more money healing from the damage the pesticides caused. If you can find meat that has been raised without hormones congratulations it is a job, like hunting in the caveman days again get in your loin cloth and get to the store hehe.

Eat little but frequently it will keep your blood sugar level in check, no dips and cranky attitudes… dudes.

Positive people…surround yourself with great life players not those who haven’t eaten their Wheaties. Life is fun when you can build your life around love and laughter. I know circumstances play a role in life , like someone is sick or dying or has died yep I am a survivor of all of the above including heart failure mydernself (from a broken heart). Yes, it happens to all of us and no one gets out unscathed but still find reasons to celebrate moments of non-pain…today I celebrate my son he has been sick for many months and he is coming into a new health and healing!! I will dance and party tonite…Life is Good..sometimes learn it and live it.




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