Published April 11, 2012 by tressalee

Eat the right foods you won’t be hungry PROTEINS…MMM

I can’t help but notice people staring at the overweight woman and her kids as they shop through the super market. I take a quick peek in her basket and see, white bread from Wonder, frozen family dinners, processed cheese and cookies, colored sugar-water, juices made with high fructose corn syrup. I know she’s thinking these choices will satiate her children’s hunger pangs and with little money, she is stretching her dollars the best way she knows how. She has not been educated in the nutritional facts of  feeding her family, this is obvious, and really, how many of us are?

The dirty looks from the other shoppers are condescending and shaming. She pretends not to notice but can feel the sting of their penetrating gazes. Maybe she’s a single mom, struggling with making a weeks worth of food stretch for a month. Who’s fault is this? Well, it is a collective responsibility, the welfare system, education system, they don’t teach the truth about how to eat or feed your family. Without getting into the blame game so much, there is something we can do about it from here.

Mom’s have to take charge since the the family relies on them to provide the meals. The 50’s brought us into the tv dinner and quick-prepared food age, processed food came on the scene and the whole foods were for the hippies. Processed foods are inexpensive and economically challenged families are more likely to buy these products.

Learning how to prepare foods that have energy and add life to the body is not a hard task, it just takes changing old habits into positive new ones. Start by investigating and finding the whole foods, then adding new recipes into the family meal time. The kids’ taste buds will take time to change, but once you start eating clean and foods that are alive the body will soon crave more natural tastes.

Since our food is so nutritionally depleted these days, there is no getting away from taking vitamin and mineral supplements to help get the nutrition that is needed. If we supplement our children’s diet they will be brighter, happier and have less weight issues. Instead of a generation dependent on anti-depressants or ADHD medicine to feel normal, let thy food be thy medicine…Hypocrates.

With todays fast food diets the children are still hungry although they eat large quantities of food. The children do not understand why they are addicted to eating and why they are gaining the weight. The body says “I’m hungry” but by over feeding them, mom is setting them up for trouble such as, diabetes and a lifestyle that could include diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease from a diet filled with empty calories. Education is key to eliminating these issues.

If mothers could have a lesson or two or three in nutrition it would save the family illness, depression lack of self-esteem, and humiliation. Eating well doesn’t always mean having to eat organics or expensive foods. People can eat simple and for less money, understanding nutrition is the key to health, saving money, illness and heartache all the way around.

The severe effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as anemia, cretinism and blindness, have long been known. The report sheds new light on other problems caused by less extreme deficiencies. For example:

  • Iron deficiency impairs intellectual development in young children and
    is lowering national IQs.
  • Vitamin A deficiency compromises the immune systems of approximately
    40% of children under five in the developing world, leading to the deaths
    of 1 million youngsters each year.
  • Iodine deficiency in pregnancy is causing as many as 20 million babies
    a year to be born mentally impaired.

First, vitamins and minerals can stave off many health issues before they become chronic. Feeding our bodies for optimum health has to be planned and we have to be very mindful in gathering the needed supplements and foods. Yes it’s work and you need to budget your money well, to buy the highest quality foods. This is easier than fixing the body when it is broken. Feeding the body what it needs will stop the cravings for empty carbs and sugars that create obesity and depression.

Try beans they are cheap and filled with fiber and protein.

Choose whole grain breads. The bread test: If the loaf of bread can break a window, you can eat it and serve it to your family.

Yogurts, non-sweetened use maple syrup for sweetener.

Less is more as long as its whole foods you are choosing. The more nutrition in the food the less food that will be needed to satisfy.

Brown rice is great for the blood sugar, it is rich in fiber and very filling. In the morning mix with pecans and maple syrup or honey, raisins and or cranberries and bananas. Mix up your own recipes. let the kids add what they like.

Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store thats where the fresh foods are.

Feed the body not the cravings. Learn what the body needs to run on to be at its optimum health. Remember eat foods as close to their natural state as possible to get the full power from them. Good Luck!





2 comments on “OVERWEIGHT and STARVING…

  • great piece, T. very informative. My girlfriend has been talking a lot about coconut products, from milk to sugar, healthy alternative info is such a blessing, thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!

    • Thanks for your support…hey the coconut oils to cook with are amazing as well as to drink. They also have whole coconuts at Zerbos its fun for the kids to stick a straw in one, closest to Hawaii you can get without a ticket 😉

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