Young Women in old Womens Bodies…

Published March 22, 2012 by tressalee


Living in a small college town not by choice, my man is here working…there are young and old people mixed together.

Yes, there are more young people than old. So who gets the royal treatment around here and who is catered too? Well, you guessed it …the young people. Who gets left behind?  you know who…

I was invited to a Newcomers meeting by a woman of 77 yrs alive. To tell you the truth I did not want to go, but I am a bit lonely so I got out of bed and went. I thought why do I want to hang around these old women, I’m too young. Plus I had a bad run in with an older woman a few months ago and I was swearing off of having relationships with them. Nooo. not that kind of relationship Yikes!…I think of herald and Maude or you may be thinking Maude and Maude….Wait! I mean a friendship.

Hehe, I tried it again. I’m turning 50 myself so AARP is my friend right?  I still look younger and certainly act like a child at times. Are these women really that much older than me? Maybe in time but not in their womanhood …heres what I found out…

We met at the bank in town, a nice little conference room. I walked in late and I sat in the last row amongst the silver, blue, pink, scalp showing through dyed hair, sea of older women. I looked through the rows of little heads that were cut in the shape of fluffy puff balls, like poodles. I wondered why do women insist when they are older that the hair must be styled in a ball on their head? I believe in wigs and hair extensions thanks to Jessica Simpson for havin’ no shame in her hair game.

I’m never cutting my hair short of course it will break off….

This  meeting was about what these women wanted (so it seemed) and where they could vent their issues of being left out of the shopping loop, the life loop and every other loopty loop in this town. Actually it was a meeting of appeasement and a starting point for the speaker. First a woman asked “when are we getting a Target in town, we are sick of driving 50 miles away to shop” The speaker said it was not logistically possible for Target to place a store in a small town like this one. Then the next woman hollered “we need a place to walk in town” the speaker was trying his best not to tell them the truth but he socked to em ever so not gently. Trying to avoid what they were asking …he had a meeting right after he scooted out the door. They were never going to get what they wanted, just a reason not to be alone I guess.

The town is filled with little shops geared toward the students and spending their parents money…The woman next to me nudged me and said “I dont wear a size zero ” which was apparent we cant shop here. This was a meeting to tell them there is a parking facility going up along with maybe an old folks “Resort” where they can walk and shop all inclusive and dont forget die in one cute little corner of town….They liked the idea.

The meeting ended and we went to lunch…There we settled into talking about life love, sex, men, drinking and all the awful things life has done to each one of us… Most of these gals had lost their husbands. They are grieving and trying to resume living somehow and looking at their own end by themselves. Most of their children have moved away with the grandkids and the women have created gardens in place of their loved ones…We need living things to surround us, young or old. Life!

But the funny part I learned about these older women is that they are full of piss and vinegar and are really young girls inside of old bodies. Smart as a young college girl with more wisdom than a eastern guru. We should never underestimate our elderly people, especially these darling women who’s skin, once young and beautiful now riddled with life and many stories…we won’t call them wrinkles …how bout life and love lines?

Be nice to your elders we all hope to be lucky enough to get there. It was a fun day, I am going bowling with them and will video tape, thinking of putting together a little video-history a (vistory) I will document and write a little song to go with it…I am looking at them and me in a new perspective. Fighting getting old or embracing it…I think I will chose to embrace them and me…






2 comments on “Young Women in old Womens Bodies…

  • Tressalee, Love this! I have learned that we can gain from having friends of all ages. good for you for giving them a chance and seeing who they really are (who we all reallyare): human beings with stories and lives! Hope you write that song!!

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