Continued Love…

Published February 15, 2012 by tressalee

Does anyone care? Probably not but read on anyway…

ahh Love so sexy!

Ahh ! I laugh no body really wants to hear about Love. Breakups are more enjoyable to read about because who the hell is in new love for long?

It’s a roller coaster ride with relationships, it scary, then it’s fun and a lot of the time your not wearing your seat belt, so you get thrown off the ride. When do you hear of a woman controlling the ride? We are at the mercy of our man’s “Hmmm, do I stay or take the new kitty down the street for a ride”? I know it’s not always this way but for the most part we are the ones who lose our appetites, overeat, lay in bed for weeks or try to commit harry carry when they leave us.

Look at Demi Moore, okay she was, is a bitch, you can just tell by her cranky look on her face all the time. We can read body language right? Well, she is devastated by her breakup, I feel sorry for her because I was there too. Getting so skinny my skin was hanging off my ass. Married for shit, over 15 years to a man I think hated me, how sweet that was. I couldn’t help that I was smarter, cuter, and I could put in a whole kitchen by myself. Whats to love there huh? Never show a man you can do anything like that, then they won’t do anything “Let that bitch do it”. Nope be a damsel in distress, oh you know how to drive his mazerratti (dont tell ’em you can change the alternator in it). You don’t even know how to put gas in it, wink, wink.

It is fun when you meet that new man and all you can think of is doing your hair and picking out the perfect outfit for your date and how great sex is who needs food you live off adrenaline.  He texts lovey dovey crap and you die everytime you hear the text bell ring, you even scream a little inside when you know its him calling. Try to answer the phone in a calm manner when your voice starts to squeak because of shear joy compose yourself. Ahh! the days of wine and roses, if you remember that movie I think they become they become alcoholics and abuse the hell out of each other.

We are now almost at that stage, only I’m the alcoholic and abuser he tells me I’m insane and quite frankly my dear I believe him. Yes, the truth is out and guess what he still loves me. He’s a whacko as I am, we make a great couple. The relationship is never boring.

In the beginning he used to ask me “Hunny why don’t we ever fight? Well I fixed that right away. He asked for it, so I obliged his request. I remind him of that time he looks at me like “Why did I even ask”?. Remember ask and you shall receive it is a law of the universe.

We have so many memories of love and laughing our asses off at nothing just because. I still laugh at his stupid stuff, that’s when you know love is still alive. If you don’t laugh at his funnies… uhooo you are in trouble! If he can walk around in his white underwear pulled up to his chest with his sexy black socks on for your benefit, my love indicator says Yep, it’s true love.

Keep laughing and loving as best you can. Forgive if he means everything to you, unless he and that Kitty are going on rides together. Don’t give him a reason to go with Ms. Kitty.




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