How I Met My Love…

Published February 14, 2012 by tressalee

I met my Love where most people meet their love (well used to, until cyber dating took over) at the bar. I was working, he was watching.

The Germans came in everyday like clockwork. Oh they were a riot, so funny with their dry humor and so funny with their dry, tight wallets …Not! but we had to entertain them, since that was our job, getting them inebriated and then going in for the $$ kill.

One day these Germans brought in a tall chiseled faced young, hot, one. I had never seen him in their crowd before. Now he was somethin’ to look at. The others were older and a bit rounder, not cute enough for second looks. This ones energy was apparent, although he humbly sat in his seat while making fun of the girls. His first crack was “Do the girls all rent their shoes from the same place” (we’re in a strip club) and you know how if one girl gets a new pair of hot new stilettos the others follow imitation is the highest form of flattery (not in a strip club, could get one a black eye). I thought “he’s looking at their shoes”…hehe.

Just so happened that day my car had went KAPUTZ! I needed a ride home and wasn’t afraid to ask for one. So Mr Hottie was elected by a unanimous show of pointing fingers from his peers, he would be the one taking me home…YAY! I thought. He was nervous, until I offered him twenty bucks for the gas. He thought I was going to come on to him for $$ since we have a reputation for that kind of behavior. I could see the sweat beads on his forehead, it was the middle of January, after I revealed the truth. I was a just a regular gal tryin’ to get home to her kids  thats all. A cute stranger driving me home, doesnt happen often, so that was a plus.

After we reached my destination I gave him directions to get back to civilization. I lived way far out by winding lakes and far from the city. I added my phone number at the bottom of the napkin I had written on, just in case he wanted to do some Ballroom dancing…Thats what I loved to do on my time off from the other dancing job, yeah! go more dancing. I loved it! He had mentioned he would like to take some classes with me. I never thought twice about seeing him again since I was sort of off and on dating a loser at the time ya know how fun that is? Every girl does it and the sex is never that great with a narcissistic asshole. Face it we hate to be alone, so we will take the booby-prize in the interim.

Two weeks later, who calls well Mr Hot German guy. He had to do a complete work up on my history and stats before he attempted to call me back ( I learned this later). Plus he had to break up with some foreign nanny he was dating. Why are they all nannies?? Do we go over there country and nanny? I think it’s a ploy to get to America and sleep with our husbands, thats what they always do…Back to my story…

He brought his shoes and his cute tall self, we met at the dance club. Come to find out…He couldn’t dance for shit (our secret) maybe he thought he could. But he was funny enough for me to over look the three left feet, thats what it felt like since I was falling all over them. Maybe just falling for him…

Valentine Vampires...or chicklets?

Continued later…going to workout class






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