We’re all screwed up!

Published February 13, 2012 by tressalee

It’s funny how others can look at your life and think it’s so perfect and ask “How do you do it”? when inside I am asking “you takin’ ta me”? I’m as scared as the next guy, struggling with fears and childhood disasters that still linger no matter how many times I try to shut the door on them. They somehow keep one foot in so they can terrorize me when ever they feel like it. (I hate that, mommie)!

I don’t have any answers, I’m seeking everyday for some myself. I get up and check my email, watch a Wayne Dyer video check my horoscopes to get some guidance, try to resist the Facebook Follies until I cannot help myself from looking into the daily dirt. Then all I find is the same ole crap, people talking about themselves and nobody cares… nothing entertaining. Maybe I am a hard critic and find nothing stimulating because I am as depressed as the rest of the world. Yeah! I just pretend everything is great.

I do count my blessings definitely and then go to the counter where there are hundreds of vitamins and elixirs that are my daily regime  (which I am tired of BTW) it’s not fun taking all this stuff I’d rather eat a twinkie to tell ya the truth.

Next its ten o’clock gym class, if I have enough energy and my period hasn’t raped me of whats left of life. Oh well, protein shake down the hatch. I’m almost fifty and it seems to be not only a keep up with the body it’s now trying to put on muscle where it has worn off from sitting or laying or even standing. My muscles have completely left the room. WTF?

I remember my mom still looking gorgeous the November before she passed away. How do we deal with the ravages of stress on our minds and bodies?

here’s for the physical…

Amino acids for muscles

B-Vits for heart and energy

Minerals for everything

Calcium for you know what I don’t have to say

Co Q10 for heart and wrinkles Yep, wrinkles!

As for the spiritual we must laugh and love, give and receive…

Remember when we were young and sexy? No we didnt even appreciate it then, but now we do as we stroll through the pictures we once hated and notice now, we were beautiful!

Well kiddo we still are even though were all screwed up!! Find things to love about ourselves, how bout that sense of humor? or your singing voice, or that you are a great friend and listener, hey I can play the drums like a young rock and roll guy and still look like a hot chick…Now thats a feat.

We are here on this planet for reasons that we will be revealed to us later. I wish I could relieve all of the suffering away from my loved ones. But we all suffer and carry one another’s crosses, some secretly and prayerfully. I am no better than anyone else, I have my challenges and my crosses that I secretly bear and try to pretend they are not there. I hope it looks easy and I hope it is inspiring to those who have heavy crosses…If I can help my fellow-man or Woman that is my purpose…It’s kind of like the blind leading the blind though, I hope I don’t bump us into a tree.





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