A Long Winter…

Published February 23, 2011 by tressalee

Winter can steal your life energy, it’s amazing we even live through it. Looking back you, wonder how the heck you got through it? Back breaking snow shoveling, cheeks getting chapped from the wind slapping them, feet frozen from just getting the mail. It sucks!

Ahhh Springtime! It’s almost here. You will be rising and shining earlier and having more energy than you did in the winter. We hibernate like bears, especially your husbands and they are cranky as a dern bear. Shopping is easier in the warmer weather too. Yeah, so go get those cute pink high heels from the mall, I heard them calling my name, they are about a hundred bucks a pair! Jessica Simpson, pink pearl, I know they are high but oh my gosh my ass could use a good pick-me upper after a winters worth of sitting on my arse, which is now a weird flat thing. I didn’t know the body could become square in places.

Also time for the gym, yes…it’s hard to get revved up for that but once you get there you will get more energy I promise! There is no diet that can make your ass round again you have to do those dreaded squats. I was twenty years old before and don’t recall fighting with my body to keep fat in the right places and tone in the other spots. I was worried about raising the kids and what dinner was gonna be not was my ass gonna fall down and my stomach gonna fall off the bed before I do. WT Hell?

Well, its off to the gym now for me…You get up and do it too, you will be a happy Gal!




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