Snow storm…

Published February 3, 2011 by tressalee

It hasn’t been this bad since 1950 the weatherman says. What can you do? The kids are out of school and driving you carzy. It’s only for one or two days don’t worry they will be on the computer or some elecronic device keeping themselves occupied. Until the fight breaks out over this one wants to use the other electronic device, there’s not enough stuff to keep their attention satisfied.

Did society cause the attention deficit disorder by bombarding the kids with too much stimulation or is it just a new phenomenon of human evolution? …Too much stimulation could be the culprit, by not keeping life simple stupid (kiss analagy) although we have to keep up with the Jones’. Before the surge of technology, life wasn’t so fast our brains had time to think and rest. People were more interested in values and living simply. Stress was something that was unusual, not the NORM. We didn’t need much to keep busy and happy, there was family, job, good food, it was plenty. enough for a happy life. We had chores to get finished and our school work to get in but there was time because our minds were not flooded with things of unimportance. Kids today have limited responsibilities at home. How many kids are mowing the lawn, when there is a service to do that? It takes away the childs sense of accomplishment and pride in his own family home (this is where self estem is built). Parents are told “If you use the rod you could be thrown in Jail, understanding the abuse side of that issue. By the looks of things, life in general is a little out of kilter.

What makes humans happy? NOTHING…when they get the coolest thing on the market they want the upgraded version, how bout that iphone 10 (not out yet) but it will be and if “I don’t have status I might throw a fit in the middle of the store” (and hes 25). Ah, you have too much and you want more and more and more people become insatiable with the pretty neon lights and buttons this one is better, I will throw out the almost new one for the newer model. Same principal applies for the relationships, “That one isnt shiny anymore, I want a new one” Look at Hollywood oh if thats our barometer for a good wholesome life we may as well give up the farm now.

How far does the balance scales have to go before the whole scale tips over? We may be on the edge of that disaster soon.

While your on vacation break from school and hopefully mom/dad you are home from work and can spend some quality time with your kids to explain how it used to be when you were younger. When you didn’t have a phone attached to the side of your head, when you were a child it was attached to the wall. Maybe you did the laundry for the family and halp make dinner or went to church on Wednesday evening. All those wonderful things happened while you were making friends and having relationships with your neighbors and they paid to have their lawn cut maybe throwing a couple of extra dollars for a job well done, not hurried through the job was thought out and executed precisely. People took time to see if they were needed in the family and people worked together as a team.

A snow storm can throw a family togther in a house but having intimate relationships and getting along without those elecrical gadgets that cause people, to shut out the world and reteat into them selves, a world that really doesnt exist. A fantasy that the computer world has built for “Your better li


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