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A Long Winter…

Published February 23, 2011 by tressalee

Winter can steal your life energy, it’s amazing we even live through it. Looking back you, wonder how the heck you got through it? Back breaking snow shoveling, cheeks getting chapped from the wind slapping them, feet frozen from just getting the mail. It sucks!

Ahhh Springtime! It’s almost here. You will be rising and shining earlier and having more energy than you did in the winter. We hibernate like bears, especially your husbands and they are cranky as a dern bear. Shopping is easier in the warmer weather too. Yeah, so go get those cute pink high heels from the mall, I heard them calling my name, they are about a hundred bucks a pair! Jessica Simpson, pink pearl, I know they are high but oh my gosh my ass could use a good pick-me upper after a winters worth of sitting on my arse, which is now a weird flat thing. I didn’t know the body could become square in places.

Also time for the gym, yes…it’s hard to get revved up for that but once you get there you will get more energy I promise! There is no diet that can make your ass round again you have to do those dreaded squats. I was twenty years old before and don’t recall fighting with my body to keep fat in the right places and tone in the other spots. I was worried about raising the kids and what dinner was gonna be not was my ass gonna fall down and my stomach gonna fall off the bed before I do. WT Hell?

Well, its off to the gym now for me…You get up and do it too, you will be a happy Gal!




Give Your Heart Everyday…

Published February 14, 2011 by tressalee

Today is Valentines Day!

Making heart shaped cupcakes for your hunny or getting ready for that sexy evening,
after buying that hot sexy underwear (try shopping at Lovers Lane not Wallmart) unless you are really broke, then you will be pardoned for such behavior.

Guys really can’t tell the difference because the hot underwear comes off so quickly unless you purchased the brass pole for your sultry before sex dance. What a Lucky guy!

It can be like work, getting everything ready for you and your hunny’s Happy Valentine Day night. Let’s call it a Labour of Love. Putting your heart and soul into making this day special is like putting money into stock, it’s an investment in the future of your relationship and the more time and love put in, the better the return.

Touch is important…

A study fro the University of Zurick found, the more a couple touches one another the closer the bond and the more they trust one another. The body releases a hormone called oxytocin when touched in a loving manner. This hormone is released when mothers give birth, studies found that when the baby is placed directly onto the mothers chest (skin on skin) there is a closer bond between mother and child. From the moment we are born we crave touch.

You gotta laugh…

Laughter is the second language of love. When couples laugh together it creates a unique bond of trust and happiness. Get a good belly laugh in, maybe his jokes aren’t that funny but let down your guard a bit and see it from a lighter perspective, he will love it if you laugh with him instead of at him. Laughter also raises immune function so laugh your way to love and better health!


To many times relationships wither because of tearing down the others self-esteem, not meaning too of course it slowly happens if you don’t keep a close reign on your words. This is a very delicate area of our humaness, be gentle and remember to build the other person up. When you met, rememeber how you fawned over each other? That was the one of the keys to your successful relationship. After seeing the true person behind the rose colored glasses, it becomes much easier to find fault and pick on the other. That is a complete no-no in a loving relationship. Think of all the things you admire about your lover and boost up his confidence. Like how he handles situation with such integrity or how he can fix that garbage disposal pretty darn good, make sure you tell him. Not how is filthy skid marked underwear are always staring at you! Put that completely out of your mind…


Don’t let the anger pot simmer because it will scorch and make a big stink. So take care of the little issues before they become entangled into a great big mess. One day at a time, one problem at a time. This takes discipline and honesty, do not fear, be diplomatic and not too loud (gals) I know how I can get freaked out, it never works when our emotions are running him over like a freight train. Write down your problems and keep notes, he will be so grateful and maybe even listen to you. All the other times, he never heard a word with all that screaming. Once in a while they do need a good bitching to keep them in line and they will tell you it makes their wieners hard (Keep it to a minimum for arousal purposes only).

Dreams are not just for sleeping…

The two of you must create and build something bigger than the both of you, keeping the partnerships momentum flowing. Make goals that you both can work on, put a vision board together of how you want your future, and keep it somewhere you can see it everyday. You will recognize your partners strengths and weaknesses and help build confidence in the other person and the relationship.

You are both unique and wonderful individuals…

You came into the relationship respecting and giving to one another, the reason you are together is to raise up each other and be the best person you can be individually and as a team.These are the elements of a healthy relationship. Keep your eyez on the prize and don’t forget what brought you together. Your differences are important, so don’t get lost in what you think the other person wants you to be. Be true to your partner by being your authentic genuine self.

You both bring that pizzaz to the mix…don’t loose the sizzle, foshizzle!

Happy Valentines Day!

Live Laugh Love Loudly

Snow storm…

Published February 3, 2011 by tressalee

It hasn’t been this bad since 1950 the weatherman says. What can you do? The kids are out of school and driving you carzy. It’s only for one or two days don’t worry they will be on the computer or some elecronic device keeping themselves occupied. Until the fight breaks out over this one wants to use the other electronic device, there’s not enough stuff to keep their attention satisfied.

Did society cause the attention deficit disorder by bombarding the kids with too much stimulation or is it just a new phenomenon of human evolution? …Too much stimulation could be the culprit, by not keeping life simple stupid (kiss analagy) although we have to keep up with the Jones’. Before the surge of technology, life wasn’t so fast our brains had time to think and rest. People were more interested in values and living simply. Stress was something that was unusual, not the NORM. We didn’t need much to keep busy and happy, there was family, job, good food, it was plenty. enough for a happy life. We had chores to get finished and our school work to get in but there was time because our minds were not flooded with things of unimportance. Kids today have limited responsibilities at home. How many kids are mowing the lawn, when there is a service to do that? It takes away the childs sense of accomplishment and pride in his own family home (this is where self estem is built). Parents are told “If you use the rod you could be thrown in Jail, understanding the abuse side of that issue. By the looks of things, life in general is a little out of kilter.

What makes humans happy? NOTHING…when they get the coolest thing on the market they want the upgraded version, how bout that iphone 10 (not out yet) but it will be and if “I don’t have status I might throw a fit in the middle of the store” (and hes 25). Ah, you have too much and you want more and more and more people become insatiable with the pretty neon lights and buttons this one is better, I will throw out the almost new one for the newer model. Same principal applies for the relationships, “That one isnt shiny anymore, I want a new one” Look at Hollywood oh if thats our barometer for a good wholesome life we may as well give up the farm now.

How far does the balance scales have to go before the whole scale tips over? We may be on the edge of that disaster soon.

While your on vacation break from school and hopefully mom/dad you are home from work and can spend some quality time with your kids to explain how it used to be when you were younger. When you didn’t have a phone attached to the side of your head, when you were a child it was attached to the wall. Maybe you did the laundry for the family and halp make dinner or went to church on Wednesday evening. All those wonderful things happened while you were making friends and having relationships with your neighbors and they paid to have their lawn cut maybe throwing a couple of extra dollars for a job well done, not hurried through the job was thought out and executed precisely. People took time to see if they were needed in the family and people worked together as a team.

A snow storm can throw a family togther in a house but having intimate relationships and getting along without those elecrical gadgets that cause people, to shut out the world and reteat into them selves, a world that really doesnt exist. A fantasy that the computer world has built for “Your better li

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