What the hell happened?

Published January 10, 2011 by tressalee

I woke up this morning and I looked okay from a distance, a long distance. Then I got that magnifying mirror out. What man invented that devilish thing? You know it was a guy because a woman wouldn’t be so heartless to invent something that told those kinds of lies to our face.

Well, come to find out they are not lies, they are truths. Those lines that I woke up with, that would not leave until the late afternoon (after standing on my head). I had to get blood back into my face. They are really there and the mirror only validated.

Okay I’m talking about aging, this is not a pretty thing but we can do it without freaking. I guess God makes our eyes go before we can see the wrinkles and beard growing on our chinny chin- chin. He has grace but the magnifying mirror is not so gracious. In fact its down right unforgiving when it comes to those wrinkles and pores, that my naked eye has such soft focus (blurry actually) I never knew they existed.

They do! Now what? We must be proactive (not the pimple solution) that will not help at this point. I’m taking Salmon, fish oil, olive oils, 10w30 oil, anything with oil in it. Our skin is starving for nutrition that’s all, topical is not the whole answer life comes from the cell insde. Do not worry, together can help this frightening situation. I’m hip, its vanity and we have more things to worry about like birds falling out of the sky (thats perspective) but it still hurts a woman to watch her beauty fade, ouchy. So lets get on the glasses and be truthful with ourselves and start feeding those lines and cracks and those places that are falling like your ass…that’s another story take a look back there too.


upon waking…

Give thanks to our Creator!
Drink one glass of non-tap water and not the half drank beer from last night.
Get the protein a high quality or eat some Chicken/Salmon from last nights dinner/yogurt good.(I’m now Indian…how)!
Take minerals, get the best, a colloidal is easier to assimilate
take vitamins they are different from mins you know.
Amino acids should be in the protein you choose/Ezekiel bread has them it makes great toast
Exercise is a must not optional…Jump to some fun music, helps the brain chemistry and makes you feel alive…get a trampoline they have small ones.
Stretch and get some weights, start 15 mins at first, do it while you watch the news …
Use the body, it will keep the cells rejuvenating and dance is always fun, take a class in ballroom
watch out for the hot 80 year olds they can dance like hell…
Music is therapy is healing it changes the vibration in the spirit.
Aroma therapy… cook with whole foods smell the cucumbers they always make me smile and buy some flowers so you can smell than as well as look at their beauty.


THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS THAT I LIVE… and they work for me, I know they can for you too!



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