Published November 14, 2010 by tressalee

I just read an article that Gloria Steinem wrote and she is saying now “Women cant have it all” isn’t that funny in the 70’s she was telling woman they can have it all…

So which is it Gloria? Funny how times change and we come back to the “Retro Way” of relationships and living, why? Because it works! When there is order to life and women do their job as nurturers and rely on their feminine qualities, men can do theirs, make the money and fix the freakin water faucet. Its not cute when the guy is sitting there watching Desperate Housewives while his wife is fixing the toilet. Women can not do everything, I agree it will cause an imbalance of the roles on the home front. Give the wrench back to your man hun!

Women’s LIb” turned out to be a disaster along with the welfare game, encouraging men to leave the house and go have fun…I say NOway hosay. A man should take care of his woman and children. If you give a human an easy road they will surely take it, especially a man. Do not let him off the hook that easy.

We are not men, we are WOMEN. The confusion of the gender roles is a big problem in the U.S.
Thanks to people like Gloria and the women’s libbers. Give your man his balls back and take back your rightful place as a woman and see how things will change in the relationship.

A woman can persuade her man to see things her way with her gentle sexy ways (men love it) girls, USE IT! An over bearing woman will get a man to run from her. I know it sounds like manipulation and games but do you really want your man to leave you and the kids so you can work double and try to be mommie and daddie? I dont think so. This is what being a “Today’s woman” can get you. Now I’m not saying eat shit from your man if he’s a jerk, say good riddance. If he’s a good guy, just let him be the man. Don’t take away his duties, pretend you don’t know how to fix the sink and make sure he does it thats all…men need a carrot, the carrot is your love and tenderness…don’t forget the hot Retro SEX!

Lets be a new breed of women, work smart not hard. Let the men do the hard work we are the lovers and the life givers, the creators…get back into balance see how fun it can be…less trouble for everyone…



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