Love Comes Home…

Published November 9, 2010 by tressalee

There is a season turn, turn, turn, for everything.

A time to be together and a time to be apart.
A time to give and a time to recieve.
A time to break down.
A time to build up.

and so on…

So my love we have been a part for a time and now the celebration begins again.
It feels like a new love, getting ready for reuniting and getting to know one another my friend.

Our love is separated by miles of ocean.
Our spirits are never apart, clinging by emotion.

Set the sails for your return
Love is coming home, no more will our hearts yearn.

Love Relationships are so powerful no matter if they are for a short or long term.
We all need to be loved. Everyone is seeking to be significant with anothers soul.
It is a basic human need that drives us to get out of bed in the morning or to work that hellish job. To be with the one you love at the end of the day, it is all worth the sacrifice and the lonely nights of waiting for love to return with the sunshine and the promise of morning.

Being away from your love for any long period of time gives you a new perspective on why that person is in your life. The waiting is awful and beautiful at the same time. It invites those butterflies back to your tummy of course they always fly away but given time away they return with more of their friends.

To see your love again is almost like the first time but better because your spirits are where they are supposed to be…HOME!



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