more to come…

Published October 19, 2010 by tressalee

There is so much to write regarding the love relationship between a man and a woman.
How exciting love can be and how exhausting at the same time.

You cant wait for him to come home and hopefully you are still awake or even alive after the day you have had. Mommy, shopper, planner, taxi, cooker, oh yeah don’t forget maid…
and not in the cute little outfit he would like to see you in. Its usually the ripped up jogging pants with a stain on the knee (is that dog crap)? I hope not.

You have shopped for his favorite foods and made his special meal, the one that takes a least an hour an a half to prepare but somehow you’ve got it down to a half hour and some seconds (its okay to cheat here) while you hop in the shower. After kneeling in that whatever it was, Yikes! Just throw those pants out.

Viola…You are sexy again! Hair takes the longest, that’s why they make those cute little hair pieces…use ’em they look hot and add life to that three day old hair-do. You know women don’t need to wash their hair everyday it takes out the natural oils making it dry (good excuse huh)?
Men love the natural look…I don’t believe it. I am frightened myself to look in the morning mirror, who is he kidding? Put that makeup on, they don’t understand what goes into that natural look, at least two pounds of Maybeline you dont have to tell your secrets. Now I’m speaking for myself of course, some of you gals are naturally gorgeous Lucky you! I am 48 and counting backwards.

Splash on that perfume he loves, it may make you gag but he turns into a Latin lover when he whiffs you walking by. As long as it doesn’t cause anaphalactic shock, I’m sure you can deal with it for that one special evening.

High heels hunny! Men love strappy happy butt lifting heels, me too my legs and booty look much happier. Where does that thing go after 40? whatever…we make the best of it. The older we get the more props we need. Our body becomes a stage and I told you earlier, I have stage fright!

Dinner is burning now, mmm his favorite, dry whatever that was supposed to be. I call it speed cooking, unlike speed reading and dating this could be detrimantal to your mans health. Keep your eye out on the meal, all though it doesn’t matter so much as long as wine is served along with the main course… YOU!

Music, music, music! Is that Ethel Merman’s song? How hot! Just kidding. I suggest “Memories are made of this” Dean Martin, now thats hot and it takes you back to that Retro time when life was so innocent and fun. That music never dies, the energy it brings is love and a reminder that life with your hunny is great even if its for that one night you spent burning dinner and going into shock from alergic reaction to crappy cologne…Its all for LOVE!

Thats what we live for…and shopping

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE eachother

Keeping it RETRO


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