Retro Relationship Ruckass

Published July 7, 2010 by tressalee

Uhoo! There’s trouble in paradise…It happens, mommie has that time of the month or maybe she is nearing that “Time” of life. Okay it can be hell for Hunny, the neighbors and the grocery clerk. No one is safe from the wrath of this crazed human being not even herself. As she looks in the mirror for one more wrinkle creeping in on her now frown lines (used to be laugh lines) she is even more furious.

Okay Momma calm down! The kids and hunny had nothing to do with this state your in. Remember “This too shall pass”. It is just for a short time (we pray). So we have to understand what is going on in our physiology that’s making life look distorted. Hunny didn’t say you had cellulite he said he said hand me that night lite. Now put down the knife!

Everything‘s alright, step away from the ledge of no return. Our mouths can and do, hurt more than that knife you were holding earlier. That applies to men and women.

Our hunnies have a way of left braining issues that we think are the end of the world, thank God because we emotionalize everything so much. Nearing the end of the problem you are in New York and hunnies in Texas (Figuratively speaking). So you can’t hear what the other is saying anyway.

Stop yelling! I know I do it too. I am learning to really SHHHSH and listen to reason. This is why God made the sexes different. We need guidance in the area of rational and they need our expertise at FEELING. Its a yin yang principal.

I always look back at my behavior and just cringe, thinking why didn’t I stop when I was ahead 10-0 me winner, hunny looser. When in all truth I am the looser because I go off half cocked and freak out until I run out of air. Not saying I didn’t start with a great point but lost my focus through the hormonal influx and total damnation with my tongue.”Have you ever done this”? I know what the answer is and there are no excuses here.

Most men sit there until the fit is over, like a hurricane barrelling through waiting for at least the eye, to get a word in edgewise. Better be quick the winds are whippin up again. Its hurricane mommie commin‘ inland!

Let’s remember to keep our head and the facts straight like a presentation. Make your points and have a goal, where the two of you want to reach without calling the cops. I joke about it but these tiffs can be life altering if we don’t fight fair. Everything isn’t fair in love and war. There are rules in every situation.

Rule 1. Make sure you know what your fighting for, is it worth it?

Rule 2. Are your facts correct?

Rule 3. If you are right and it is worth it, keep your tone calm, he can’t hear you if you start to scream like a hyena. Been there done it!

Rule 4. When stating your case do not mutilate your opponent, I mean hunny!
Points can be made without causing the other to seek counseling after.

Rule 5. Let him talk! (new concept).

Rule 6. Almost over, get ready for hot make-up sex. Sometimes guys are worse than girls when it comes to this. Depending on the damage done with the forked tongue.

Rule 7. Use the rocking chair test. You know, will this matter when your sitting in your rocking chair at the end of your life?

Well, if these tips help you I am happy.

Life is a great journey, enjoying one another as well as overcoming issues that’s the main goal. Working on relationships everyday whether its your spouse, boy/girlfriend, kids or neighbor we need diplomacy and to be mindful of the outcome instead of reacting like a big JERK! (I never).
Yes I have and we are works in progress.

Live, Love and Laugh Loudly


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