Traditional women, where are we?

Published May 21, 2016 by tressalee

sexy bed_lj74rgzQk21qgx6buo1_400

Being a tradional woman in the LAND OF LIBERAL  “I can open my own doors and work a man’s job” women, What woman in their right mind wants to? I myself like to sleep in, cook yes and clean a house that my man works hard for. IT’S CALLED TRADITIONAL ISM and it’s a sin if women want to raise their kids stay at home and love their husband according to the fabulous liberalism…

This is not acceptable or “Normal behaviour” these good new days. Well I totally disagree! Let’s look at a momless home…kids on their tablets watching porn, and that’s when they are only 6 maybe younger. You tube is certainly not healthy for these babes, I heard my granddaughter who’s 5 singing a dirty rap song “eat the bootie like groceries” thats what the lyrics were, wtf? and she sang it like a verse from ring around the Rosie’s. A song she SHOULD be singing. OK, her mom (my daughter) is a single parent working so many hours to keep lights on etc. Husband in and out, mostly out, that means no supervision. SCARY…

This NEW LIBERAL THINKING SOCIETY, where women are encouraged to be without men to be STRONG alone, is INSANITY. The men get off the hook smoke dope play with the boys (they sre grown men) and leave their children and women…oh don’t even have to get married in fact MARRIAGE is only encouraged and celebrated between the SAME SEXES now. What’s wrong with this picture or ERA? EVERYTHING!!

….Life worked when daddy worked and mommies worked at home taught their children about right and wrong saw all they were getting into, prayed with them and yes, Even spanked their little asses…big sigh!  People loved each other GOD community and had INTEGRITY believed in truths and family. Now we have drugs degraded music, movies that should be x rated but the kids can recite the dirty filthy parts verbatim …trust me I know I worked in the vile land of adult entertainment for years, but never succumbed to the gutter way of living or thinking. I fought the good fight of keeping God and family first and writing down my thoughts and what I think are the injustices of our NEW UNTRADITIONAL WAY OF LIFE…YUK!

The social engineering of the planet is ruining what God had planned…oh you don’t believe in God yes, that’s exactly what the plan is and the crowd follows whatever Facebook twitter says…Take back your family your children don’t let em have a phone. We didn’t have one we had rules and parents amazing concepts but I don’t indulge in heroine cocaine or the new drugs the so called DOCTOR gives out like a drug dealer….uhg. I learned life was sacred our children our sacred…we must save them….



I stop for now my thoughts today



Drop a line …live laugh live



Stiletto’s SISTER’S and Stripper’s

Published November 12, 2013 by tressalee
Tips for Lovers

Tips for Lovers

I’m creating a new film for women who used to are still or who are thinking about getting into the BIZ of STRIPPING…my first thoughts are DON’T, my second thoughts are be careful and listen to what I say…

First…Keep it BUSINESS… it’s never personal, although you must be a great actress and pretend it’s personal for the customer’s sake… I mean for your wallet or purse sakes.

Then NEVER and I MEAN NEVER DO DRUGS…save your the three F’S…your beautiful Figure,  Face and Finances…

I’m now fifty one danced for twemty some odd years and still rock this bod,y brain and no BOOZE…take your supplements and get lots of beauty sleep. The men will take a lot of your energy, so you must replenish, plus have time to spend with your wonderful amazing children (if any) and or family.

Keep balanced GRASSHOPPA and exercise, meditate and be grateful

Keep eating well and DANCE LOVE


please give to my FILM im making for women of the clubs

My Daughter Says she Wants to be a Whore?

Published October 15, 2013 by tressalee
relationship issues

relationship issues

Now the title is startling but let me tell you the story behind it…

My daughter is a wonderful mother, daughter and wife,  she would never think of cheating on her boyfriend or doing something that is terribly wrong…UNTIL NOW….

Her background that put her into this mode …  frustrated, overworked mommie, not validated, neglected emotionally, freaky friday boyfriend, likes donkeys that kinda stuff (exaggerated maybe just a  little)?? get the picture, oh did I say sociopath? well, thats enough said about that nice fella.

WE need to talk about women who give themselves totally to men that are abusers, sex addicts, drug addicts, control freaks, sociopaths etc.

Okay there is something wrong in Denmark with these gals,  YES! but a lot of us do it and continue to do it WHY?

because we hate ourselves…it’s the lack of Daddy love  and template as we have come to understand…after many years of therapy and much drinking and puking our guts out…we purge the self hate  with alcohol and drugs only to get right back up on the self hate pony and ride…

Today my daughter tells me she’s at the grocery and see’s a handsome fella, who she is trying to get his attention to see if she’s, ya know? still got it (she’s 29 and freakin gorgeous by the way) she has it…

She said he never looked at her not once, I think she may have done a cartwheel and yet he still didn’t blink and eye toward her. So she goes on to tell me, uhhh she must have lost her pizzaz and sexiness, I doubt that. I said maybe his mother is sick and he’s in deep thought, giving her the best excuse besides,  maybe  he’s blind or he’s a deadman walking, is all I could think…but she goes on to tell me…She now feels like being a whore. I said “what?  my good little Capricorn who’s grounded in gardening  and working, praying, and watching  Joel  Osteen twice a week, wants a be a whore? Okay I said it happens at a certain age, especially when the man who fathered your children abuses, ignores screams and does other mangie rotton things to you and doesn’t look twice at you in fact too busy cuz he’s staring at other poodles down the street, by the way?  hopefully will get him murdered (just a hope).

So her new job she is applying for is “Whore”. I said well if you charge, it can pay very well and Dr. Laura (certified relationship therapist) said it was better than giving it away. to a man who doesn’t want to marry you or be nice …I go with Dr. laura.

Then she (my daughter) continues to tell me…now this is sooo funny,  and the reason why I’m telling you this story…her girlfriend at work said to her after she told her “I’m thinking about becoming a whore” (she’s running it by everyone to get their input)…the gal says “if my husband wasn’t good to me I would sleep with everybody, CUZ I”M A WHORE” she said this with grace, dignity and  confidence…I just thought fuck yeah and laughed my ass off…,why not the guys are whores and they’re confident…I know this will pass about her being a whore  and stuff but maybe everyone should try it just in case they think they’re missing something and maybe she’ll meet the man of her dreams this way…ya never know?

Maybe thy are hiring old Whores,  I may apply too…

Just for laughs girls don’t take this shit for real…we’ve all been there if not,  you have read 50 shades of grey and lived vicariously through some media whether it was soap operas or the neighborhood gossip…fess up!

Women ….ENJOY LIFE it comes once!!



Strippers Today…

Published February 12, 2013 by tressalee


I remember the beginning days of my career as a stripper…which I didn’t know at the time I was going to turn it into a career. Maybe it was an addiction more than a career. You could say I was addicted to paying my bills and taking care of my kids, ya know feeding and clothing them. All of the other girls were in the same boat when I started, we kept our stripping on the QT hush. It was not cool to strip back when we were doin it (in the 80’s). It was very taboo, so you didn’t tell people exactly what you did for a living. “Yeah, Im a waitress or a barmaid I sew socks for a living” anything but the cold HARD truth, people would have looked at you like your a weirdo and we were just normal girls with no daddies and no education (this is the norm for a stripper). But let me tell ya, the pay was quite handsome, along with the tips and back then men didn’t touch you or they would get their asses booted out of the club.

There was a high regard for the stripper gals back when I started, men put us on pedestals literally, thats where we danced and they really had to look up to us, in all senses of the words. These days working in the clubs you get No Respect Rodney, giving a blow job is just like putting on your g-string and heels do they even rinse their moths from patron to patron?… it has become the norm and very much expected from the customers, YIKES! If you do not perform, and I’m not talking on stage, no body is interested and you may walk out with ten bucks cuz a nice guy felt sorry for you…last time I worked I saw the girls in the V.I.P. doing, not dances but sex acts, as if it was just natural “sit down and take off your pants” wtf??? I freaked out on them and told them how they were wrecking the business (almost got punched out). The guys now get to pay less and less for more and more cant the girls see they are cutting off their pay. If you give away the goods at a rate that says you are worth nothing, thats what you will get, nothing and feel like NOTHING.  I tried to explain to these new young gals, men will pay more for less, it’s about the chase, the fantasy, they have their ears covered and think I’m an old bitch (I am)…Women who have never been in the strip clubs, dont know how it has changed, it used to be men and women cold go without such threatening behavior going on. It was innocent back in my stripper days and men had respect for the gals.

Today the girls bring out a menu…The days specials are: Blow job $50, and thats high, hand job $20, they will sit down on a man’s penis and ride without a condom I dont know what they charge for that. The bars where I worked would not put up with it. In fact if you were caught touching a guy in any manner or him touching you, you were fined $100.00 or more. These days the owners encourage their girls to do the nasty and they take their cut for sure…I think they call these places BROTHELS not Gentlemen’s Clubs. The girls never fight back, of course how can you when you are on drugs, so its a lose lose situation..But win win for the club owners. They pay off the cops and there ya go ready for round two of hookerville. I am sad because we had a good tight circuit of girls and women who worked the clubs as professionals and I don’t mean of the night. They all had families to take care of most were single mothers trying to get through school. Now the girls say hey I just gave two head jobs geeze is my jaw tired. They make fun like its normal behavior. Desensitized thats what the strippers today are and taken advantage of. They think they got it over on men, well the sex abuse is all over them and they don’t even realize it… Painful to see, it was bad enough to strip for the many years I did, I watched the business evolve into shit encouraging their girls to be whores and getting them hooked on drugs and alcohol. Good job club owners but they see the almighty $$ and that is what rules their world and the poor women they are slaves to the pimp like bosses and to the $$ themselves…

Sure there was always prostitution but you would never know which girl did the dirty deeds because they were all lady like about it and kept their little mouths shut about it. Nowadays they don’t mind tellin’ everyone what they did the night before and how much they got for doin it…Did they say how much crack they bought ? yeah that too! Who needs to know the rotten details well, you can see them just go into your local club and purchase a lap-dance which is now a face dance or a coochie dance…wtf happened? Women love yurselves…It’s tuff in this world of competition and no jobs…oh their are jobs, just Pucker- Up and Blow…


Disillusioned Old Stripper 😉


It’s Gettin’ Cold Outside!

Published December 1, 2012 by tressalee

sexy bed_lj74rgzQk21qgx6buo1_400Keep it snugly Hott in the bedroom…

I don’t mean put an extra blanket on the bed for Pete’s sake, put some fire in the oven

Your oven… who has time for that crap? You better!

Your better half is worth it, he’s working his little tail off and so are you I know…because I’m right there with ya sista. I am usually pooped out by hmmm? what’s  it 7 now is that am or pm? doesn’t matter still frazzled. Remember the days of staying up til twelve o’clock? Wow! all gone.  So better get the sexy time in before you hit the ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZz’s.

It only takes a few minutes and be mindful about it. Like, oh yeah take a shower before crawling into bed and when you crawl into bed make sure your in the nude. If you really have time (haha funny) put on the cute sexy wear and some sweet sauce… but remember he likes you any way…especially neked!

That’s my tip for us gal who are to pooped to participate…shopping, cooking, working, kids, animals (men included) take a lot out of a woman. Funny, men think they work hard shhh don’t tell ’em, we just make it look easy. We were built this way, sexy strong and sooo cute 😉 STAY WARM.

Happy shopping and SLEEPING 😉

(dont forget the neked)


Sluggish relationship?

Published November 29, 2012 by tressalee

Sometimes it’s not the relationship, ITS YOU!

That means check into your health. This time of year you can be eating lots of crap and drinking too much happy stuff, that can slow down your metabolism. If you are not exercising that means eeew, your putting on weight, feeling cranky and who the hell wants to be around you? NOT EVEN YOU! It can even be worse, you find out YOUR SICK!

Well this has been me, that’s why I’m sharing. The best shared knowledge, comes from experience.

I would wake and go back to bed. Till hunnie one evening said, “You have a fever” I thought yeah I feel bad and have for two weeks…What the heck? Sometimes you just run til your on empty. Come to find out I had a kidney infection, well my back did hurt but I thought I pulled a muscle.

Why am I sharing this with you? When our bodies are sick we get cranky and we cannot seem to find happiness and depression sets in and we cant figure out why? Well, first and always first when you feel cranky, look into your health. Of course period health can cause random acts of violence and homicide these are major signs your out of balance but before someone has to call the police…get a checkup, a urine analysis  blood work, or have your hunnie kiss your neck and see if your HOTT…we know your hott but see if your body temp is up.

So I looked up how to heal the kidney naturally and started on the garlic and cutting back on sugar and coffee and BOOZE all of my favs specially this time of year. Ginseng tea and lots of lemon water, now I feel better and can even stay up in the morning. I really thought I was just depressed. Yesterday I didn’t have a fever, I went out and could even smile and walk more than 15 steps without thinking of my bed. I was wearing such a frown and that causes the dreaded wrinkles, plus you scare little children this way. Get to the doc first and see whats ailing you, illness, hormones, husbands an idiot (oh that’s not a disease) look at the obvious your not depressed your sick…heal and be happy!

Get that thirty minute run in too what a brain lifter! When you feel better of course.

Live Love Laugh Loudly


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